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Welcome to Afrikka Arising a place where we aim to showcase informative content about positive developments taking place in Africa. We believe that these developments accra1are only slowly being realised and that diasporans from the Caribbean, the Americas and Europe in particular are missing out. Since there are so many people worldwide who remain unaware of the incredible potential that Africa has, and the array of opportunities they can enjoy, it is necessary that we do our part to share such insights.


Typically, avid travellers, outdoor enthusiasts and scientific researchers head to Africa to enjoy its vast landscapes, diverse ecosystem, and a variety of cultures, for their own pleasure, recreation or research but technological advancements, contemporary engineering and 1st class corporate services make it a place where the ambitious person can seriously establish a good lifestyle.  Solutions to complex problems are increasingly becoming available in the developing continent as the abundance of natural resources makes it keen problem-solver a great asset to the continent at this time in history.


We would particularly like to raise awareness among recent descendants of Africans, many of whom were separated from the motherland by forced migration. The call to you is: "Come home", we are able to assist you in the 'reconnection' process. Contrary to the occasional propaganda about Africa, those who trace their roots to the safaricontinent ought to feel proud of their rich heritage and invest and support the operations on the ground as countries continue to shake off their colonial past.

As a company we have an increasing array of services designed to facilitate the mobilisation of individuals who desire to live, work and invest on the continent.

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We take care of many aspects of the repatriation process so that you can focus on adjusting to the change. We organise tours so you don't have to.

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